Yuliy is the main character of Sirius the Jaeger. His complete name being Yuliy Jirov.

He is a werewolf, with exceptional physical ability. He has sworn to take revenge on vampires who destroyed his homeland and became “Jaeger” ever since. As he is used to solitude, his aura makes him unapproachable. However, he also shows his softer side in rare occasions. His weapon is Three-section staff. He fights using combat technique which has adapted to fit this multi shape changing weapon.


Appearance Edit

He is a young, lanky, pale, dark blue-haired man. His long, unruly hair has a little white streak at the front, that extends itself when he is using his power. Yuliy's hair is usually tied with a low ponytail. He has blue eyes that shine unnaturally when his Beast Blood is activated and he is a Sirius. He is usually seen wearing a light blue fur-lined jacket, off-white blue t-shirt, green skirt, dark jeans, black boots, and a vibrant blue scarf tied around his waist. He has a blue birthmark on his left buttcheek.

Personality Edit

He tends to be quiet and a reckless lone wolf who jumps ahead of others when it comes to killing vampires. He is often by himself or shown to have small conversations with the others. Despite his ruthless nature, he has a soft side that is only shown in rare occasions. He also has an extensive knowledge of gardening.


Yuily lived with his brother and mother in Dogsville prior to the vampires attacking. He would go hunting with Mikhail and feast with the entire village. However when the vampires attacked Yuily's mother, Sachi died almost immediately after a vampire broke into their house. Mikhail manages to kill the vampire and escape to the outside of their village with Yuily, leaving the corpse of their mother behind. However they were ambushed again by the vampires after reaching the outskirts of Dogsville, Mikhail pushes Yuily off of a small cliff, out of the vampire's view before another jumps on him. Yuily runs away but was soon rediscovered by a lone vampire who attacks Yuily and rips the scarf Sachi gave him. Yuily rages and the beast blood takes over, allowing him to kill the vampire in his rage. He collapses in the snow after killing the vampire and was found by Willard. Willard takes him in and urges Yuily to become a jaeger to avenge his dead family.

Relationships Edit

Mikhail - He is the older brother of Yuliy. In Yuily's past, he was shown to be a very kindhearted and protective older brother. It also shows that he protected Yuily from the vampires and pushed him off the cliff out of love for his younger brother even telling him advice for the future and told him to live before they got attacked by vampires leaving Mikhail in a worsened state close to death before he made a blood pact with the vampires, it is unknown why he made a blood pact, and it is also unknown what his relationship with Yuily is now that he is a vampire due to what has happened. His relationship with Yuily was a very brotherly love relationship.

Sachi - Sachi is the mother of Yuliy. In Yuliy's past, Yuliy has shown to love his mother and wouldn't leave her. It also shows that Yuliy was enraged when a vampire ripped a scarf that Sachi gave to Yuliy. Sachi is also a human, giving making Yuliy half human.

Alexei - Alexei is the father of Mikhail and Yuliy, as well as the husband of Sachi. He left Dogsville when Yuliy was very young to seal away the Arc of Sirius. Yuliy also mentions that he does not remember his father's face since he left when Yuliy was so young.

Ryouko - Ryouko had been shown to have developed an infatuation over Yuliy through the course of the series, perhaps falling for him the first time she saw him, and commits varied acts of rebellion in order to help him. Yuliy had shown no signs of recognizing her feelings, whether he does not know or simply feigns ignorance.

Bishop -Yuliy and Bishop become partners out of the same goal to acquire the Ark. Bishop is one of the few characters he relied on in combat, the other being Mikhail. Yuliy showed a lot of trust in Bishop's ability to handle himself during their fight against Klarwein. Despite Bishop's attempt of betrayal after revealing his vampire side, Yuliy tells him that he trusted him because his eyes and words held truth, despite knowing all along that he had been a vampire. The two renew their partnership and continue on to fight the vampires awaiting outside.

Jaegers - Yuliy appears to be concerned while fighting alongside his them, as the group itself appear to have become as somewhat his family. Unwilling to get them hurt when he decided to pursue the Ark, he left them and sought out others to aid him.

Powers and abilities Edit

Werewolf physiology:☃☃ Born as a werewolf, Yuliy developed werewolf physiologies, but didn't develop all of it in reason of werewolf's interbreeds with humans.

Superhuman smell: Another quantity of being born a wolf, yuily has superhuman smell, as it is mentioned throughout the series, he can smell the blood on the vampires.

Superhuman strength:☃☃ Yuliy has shown superhuman strength, being able to land on high altitude without any signs of pain.

Superhuman agility : Yuliy has shown a superhuman agility, being able to dodge Kershner's sword attacks and Agatha's kicks.

Superhuman endurance:☃☃ Yuliy has shown to have a superhuman endurance, showing no signs of exhaustion after a fight and running on a train without stopping.

Pain tolerance:☃☃ Yuliy has shown to possess great pain tolerance, after fighting even if he got stabbed and cut by Kershner.

Beast blood:☃☃ When Yuliy feels immense rage, his veins becomes blue and his eyes glow unnaturally, upgrading Yuliy's physical abilities but also making him uncontrollable. If excess rage is felt, Yuliy's bangs becomes temporarily white.

Equipment Edit

Three-section staff:☃☃ Yuliy possesses a three-section staff that he mastered very well, good enough to kill Royal vampires.

Arc of Sirius: After sealling the Arc of Sirius in his right eye he posses new powers.

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  • He is sensitive to cold hence he sneezes quite often during his youth.
  • He taught himself how to use his custom weapon.
  • He is left-handed.