Yevgraf is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.


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Yevgraf had short, light purple hair and had red eyes. wore a fancy black hat, black gloves and a long black coat a bit similar to Mikhail's.

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He was driven to find the Ark of Sirius and use it to "make new vampires", but the Ark ended up consuming him. He tried to attack Tamara - another Royal Vampire - but failed to because Yuliy came in time.

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Vampire physiology - Born as a royal vampire, Yevgraf developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities

Superhuman strength - Yevgraf has proven to have superhuman strength by stopping Mikhail's full force attack without any signs of effort.

Superhuman agility - Yevgraf has shown to have superhuman agility by stopping Mikhail's full speed attack without any signs of effort.

Vampire transformation - Yevgraf has shown to have the ability to change other peoples to vampires by transforming Mikhail into a vampire.

Human magnetisation - Yevgraf has shown an unknown power that allows him to attract vampires with his pupils.


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