Vampires are human-looking species originally from East Europe, West Europe and Russia. Vampires and humans have the same attributes while their physical strength, diet and biology are an exception.

When a vampire dies, instead of collapsing to the ground, they transform into ashes.

There are 2 types of vampires :

Slaves Edit

Slaves are the common types of vampires. A slave take on a human appearance, and wearing similar attire to hide their vampire identity, using round sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun, wearing dark outfits that mostly consist of cloaks and coats. Unlike a royal, slaves are unable to be exposed to the sun or they will burn. A slave can transform itself to the vampire's monster form, described with a red demon appearance, fur and red eyes. However, slaves are unable to have the ability of transforming their prey. They appear to be weak in comparison to the royal's high physical capacities. When the slaves catch the incurable disease of vampires, they appear to have purple skin and a degrading appearance; and would soon lose the connection of the blood pact and can no longer be forced to obey by their master. Slaves who have been inflicted with the disease will die without turning into ashes.


Royals are the rare higher-ranking vampires who always appear to be dressed flamboyantly. Royals look like humans except their pupils becomes red when they are in the dark and their skin are a shade different from humans. A royal is unable to transform, but have high physical abilities and are able to transform humans to vampires, unlike slaves. Also, some royals has shown to have a special power, like Yevgraf who has a power that allows him to attract vampires near him with his pupils or Kershner who is able to fly.

Story Edit

Werewolves originate from an Asian family line, with their roots in Mongolia while Vampires have their roots in Europe and are originally from East Europe, West Europe and Russia. The two tribes are at constant war with each other, since the beginning of time. Werewolf clans in Russia and Mongolia have interbred with humans and although they have high physical abilities, they’ve lost tribal characteristics such as transforming. On the other hand, vampires increased in numbers by consuming humans and successfully hiding themselves. Although both are non-human creatures, they are opposites in nature.