Sirius the Jaeger Wiki

The Sirius (天狼シリウス, Tenrō/Shiriusu, lit. Werewolf) is an ancient werewolf race originating from Asian family line, with their roots in Mongolia. They have created a flourishing civilization in Karafuto, where the Ark of Sirius was also created. They used to have their own alphabet.

Sirius has always been at war with the Vampires. Sirius clans in Russia and Mongolia have interbred with humans and although they have high physical abilities, they’ve lost tribal characteristics such as transforming.

The Sirius were driven to almost extinction with the only remaining members living in a hidden village Dogville. After the village was raided by vampires, Yuliy remained as the only living member of their civilization.

The Ark of Sirius[]

The Ark of Sirius was created in Karafuto, an item with immense power. Its unknown by who and how the Ark was created, but the Sirius claim it was a gift from God. Its also known as ark of miracles and within it lies all kinds of knowledge and technologies, and for humanity, that is like wisdom in physical form. The Sirius never used the Ark and instead had decided to protect it.

At some point in time, the Ark was moved to Dogville as for unknown reasons the Sirius had to leave their homeland. In Dogville a place replicating the original holy ground was created for the Ark. They have forged a treasure that would facilitate the move from the holy ground, a counterpart to the Ark, that would also allow someone to control the Ark and its immense power without being consumed by it.

The Sirius has been choosing a member of their royal family and revered them as agent of God. The chosen ones were permitted to posses the Ark and were the only one who knew of the Ark counterpart existence. The Sirius protect the Ark, ready to kill any outsider to keep the Ark a secret.

The Ark itself is a small glass-like sphere and half of it is covered in gold-like material with the middle of it being darker color. The counterpart is same, but its darker and only its middle is more gold-like. Those who wield the Ark, swallow it and the Ark appears in their right eye, granting them immense power including instant regeneration.

Prior to the Dogville destruction, Alexei took the Ark to Karafuto. The place the Ark was created and the only place the Ark could be sealed. Sacrificing his body, he created a barrier, in the form of a red lake that would kill or destroy anyone who attempts to enter it and keep the Ark sealed for all eternity.

Power & Abilities[]

As the clans in Russian and Mongolia interbred with humans, they lost their ability to transform into werewolfs. Using their powers, they still undergo slight transformation with blue blood veins revealing around their eyes and eyes turning bright shiny blue. That allows them to have high physical abilities, both speed and strength. The more power they draw, the more beast-like they start acting.