Philip is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.

A British-born member of the Jaegers. He is the youngest in Willard’s team but his skills as Jaeger is exceptional. The Jaegers tend to carry their weapons in musical instrument cases but Philip also carries around his violin and likes to play it occasionally.


Appearance Edit

He appears to be a scrawny boy with short, messy blonde hair and cyan eyes.

Personality Edit

"Hair is his best feature". He doesn't like Fallon messing with his hair. He is a banter but also cynical at times especially towards Yuliy, who keeps to himself.



His parents were murdered by a Sirius - a friend of Yuliy - who went rogue. He tried saving Saki from her father who turned into a vampire due to Agatha.

Relationships Edit

Yuliy Edit

In the beginning he doesn't like Yuliy that much since one of the Sirius killed his parents. In episode 2, Saki asked why he is mad at Yuliy since it wasn't his fault and therefore changing how Philip views him. After that, you can see a strong bond between them.

Fallon Edit

Whenever Fallon messes with his hair, he gets annoyed.

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