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Larissa was a side character in Sirius the Jaeger and appeared together with her sister in Episode 5.



Larissa looks a lot like her sister Tamara but keeps her hair loose, except for a braided section. Many parts of her dress which are red are black in Tamaras dress. She also resembles a Lolita.  Her dress does not have a red ribbon.


Larissa and Tamara appeared in a forest in Episode 8 and fought Yuliy in Episode 9 where Tamara almost gets stabbed by him. Later she was shown in an airship together with Tamara, Yevgraf and Mikhail. In Episode 11 she, Tamara and Mikhail fought Yuliy again, which results in them getting the Arc. While Tamara starts to fly to Yevgraf, Larissa stays to tell Mikhail that he can 'stay' a little longer with Yuliy. She then gets grabbed by Bishop and is shot by him.

Powers and abilities[]

Vampire physiology: Born as a royal vampire, Larissa developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities

Superhuman strength: As a vampire, Larissa possesses great strength.

Superhuman agility: Larissa is shown to move faster than any human being.

Flight: In battle, she is shown to fly.

Claws: She can turn her fingernails into sharp claws.


Blades: She is shown to throw blades.


-In one translation she is called 'Lisa' instead of Larissa.

-Tamara and Larissa call Mikhail Misha.