Kershner is a character in Sirius the Jaeger. He is a royal vampire.


Appearance Edit

Kershner has short, blonde hair and light blue eyes. He wore black gloves and black shoes. He had pale, white skin like the vampires.

Personality Edit

He appears to be cunning and manipulative.


When battling Yuliy on the rooftop (of Ryouko's father's manor), he revealed that Professor Willard was the one to blame for leading the vampires to the location of the Ark. This lead to Yuliy activating his Beast Blood, this led to Yuliy killing Kershner.

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Powers and abilities Edit

Vampire physiology - Born as a royal vampire, Kershner developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities.

Superhuman strength - Kershner has shown to have superhuman strength by throwing Willard down with a kick and without showing any signs of effort.

Superhuman agility - Kershner has shown to have superhuman agility by dodging Yuliy's attacks, even in his beast blood.

Superhuman endurance - Kershner has shown to have superhuman endurance by showing any signs of tiredness despite he fought against Yuliy, Philip and Willard for a long time.

Vampire transformation : As a royal vampire, Kershner has the ability to change other peoples to vampires.

Flying - Kershner has shown an unknown power that wraps him of red aura and allows him to fly.

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Sword : Kershner has a long and thin sword that he masters it perfectly and used it to battle Yuliy on the rooftop of the manor.

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