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Hideomi Iba is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.


He is a secret agent of Military Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of the Army, and belongs to one of the most important office known as "Kudan Satellite Office." When a rumor was spread about Ministry of Home Affairs' connection with the foreign organization, he was called back from the Harbin Military Secret Service to investigate. His team sets their eyes on V Shipping Company and Alma Trading Company, and decide to look into them. He also acts under false identity as a writer for Monthly Real Crime magazine.


Hideomi has black hair and grey eyes.



Iba is reading the newspaper and sees a newsboy creating some ruckus. Mochizuki comes to him and tells that the police was certain that this morning's incident was done by Kuratake and not the Hyakko Party. Iba tells him that he shouldn't make such conclusions with that little information and also mentions to not call him "Major" when he is in civil clothes.

Iba reports to his commanding officer and states he doesn't believe Hyakko Party is connected to Kuratake's jailbreak. Iba is informed about Home Affairs granting permission to act to a group of foreigners. He believes the military should act too and asks Iba when they can start, but Iba explains they have started already.


Powers and abilities[]

Keen intellect - As a military, Hideomi has shown to have incredible intellect by remembering a map that he saw only for some seconds before Yuliy took it away.




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