Fallon is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.


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Fallon has messy, orange hair tied into a ponytail. He has golden eyes, he also wears a green cardigan with some gloves and green shoes and a little dress pants.

Personality Edit

He treats his younger teammates as if they were his younger siblings.


26 years old and a member of “Jaeger”. Muscular Irish-American guy, who is tough both physically and mentally. His is laid back and looks out for Yuliy with older brother like attitude. However, he is also too talkative for a “Jaeger”. His fighting style is close-range combat and is also an expert in setting up traps for vampires. He likes messing with Philip's hair.

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Superhuman strength - As his massive size shows it, Fallon has proven to have superhuman strength by separating a train and a wagon.

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