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The Ark of Sirius is the twelfth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Mikhail confronts Yevgraf, but he's already consumed the Ark. With Yuliy and Willard aboard, the airship flies toward the final confrontation.


Yevgraf's Bodyguard manages to make the Jaegers plane crash, but then Dorothea kills him. Mikhail reaches Yevgraf, but he tells him its too late. Willard sees Yuliy and manages to lower Yevgraf's plane, so your can board it.

Yevgraf explains he absorbed the Ark. Tamara comments that he can now heal the vampires from the disease, but Yevgraf states he no longer has interest in that, as he had become something new, something that exceeds the vampires. Mikhail attacks, but Yevgraf easily pushes him away. Tamara questions Yevgraf if he is the same Yevgraf as he would be kind enough to help the vampires. Yevgraf agrees and tells her they just need to make a new blood pact with him. He bites a vampire, but the vampire turns to ash, which makes Yevgraf wonder if only nobles would be worthy of his blood. He commands Tamara wanting to test it on her, but before he manages to get her, Yuliy arrives. Yevgraf tells Yuliy that the one who gave them the Ark must be disappointed as they didn't use it for five thousand years, but he is going to use it and will first get rid of the old vampires race, before making new vampire race. Yevgraf then feels something and transforms. He loses his mind and starts attacking vampires and goes after Mikhail. Willard comments Yevgraf was consumed as he couldn't control the hidden power in the Ark. Willard questions Yuliy why he unsealed the Ark and Yuliy explains he made a promise to his father and will live with the Ark and prove the new pride of Sirius his father yearned for, and will coexist will all races, including vampires. Willard then handles the counterpart of the Ark, telling Yuliy they found in deep into Dogville and will likely allow one to control the power of the Ark. Tamara wonders why would Yuliy say that, and Willard tells her Yuliy realized something and with the Ark, that is possible.

Yuliy joins Mikhail and they fight Yevgraf. He manages to cut Yevgraf's arm and leg, but he regenerated them. As they continue fighting, Yevgraf's body begins to crumble under Arks immense power. Yevgraf tries to fly and away, but Mikhail carries Yuliy and they go after him. Yuliy jump and pierces Yevgraf, while Mikhail takes a hit, but takes out the Ark from Yevgraf. As Yevgraf starts to turn to ash, Yuliy tells him that he is going to save everyone, including the vampires. Hearing that Yevgraf say he rather die than accept charity from him and in that moment Mikhail cuts Yevgraf's head, completely turning him into ash.

Returning to Yevgraf's plane, Mikhail gives Yuliy the Ark and tells him to live with it, before dying. Yuliy promises he will show the world their new pride and hugs him. As the plane crashes, Yuliy combines the Arks and later tell Willard that he will be living with the Ark and help the world, but if the Ark consumes him like Yevgraf, he wants his second father, Willard, to kill him. Four days later, Willard wakes up in a hospital with the Jaegers around him. They ask him about Yuliy and he explains he is gone, bearing the burden of a power that can make him a god or a devil.

Sometime later, Ryouko tells Iba that she is studying business and will be inheriting the business and the house. She realizes how immature she acted, but still believes that wanting to help Yuliy was the right choice.

Willard explains that in the last five thousand years the Ark wasn't used as they knew how powerful it was. They created a counterpart, so one could control its power, and they still chose not to use it, but were prepared that some of their descendants to use it in the right time. The world and the Jaegers are now trying to find Yuliy and get the Ark. The Headquarters call Willard and inform him that a royal and a young man were seen in Khabarovsk and the Jaegers are to be sent. While they don't want to become his enemies, they want to see Yuliy, so the Jaegers depart.

In a train, Tamara wonders if Yuliy will really come as the elders had given up already. But if he really comes and make them to listen, they may decide to try and do something about the disease. Yuliy wonders if they will believe in him, but if they don't believe each other, they would never be able to make a single step in the path he is taken. He knows he will end up seeing a lot of worlds not wanting to live alongside, but believes that if he shows them what lies ahead, then they surely will agree.