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Memories of the Abyss is the tenth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Willard and the Jaegers find an artifact related to the Ark and set out after Yuliy, who's almost reached both the sanctuary of the Ark and his father.


Willard explains that since ancient times, the Sirius have chosen a member of their royal family and revered them as an agent of God, and were permitted to posses the Ark. Under where the Ark was supposed to be, they find a tomb and Willard believes that not finding the Ark, they though this to be just a tomb. He notices something on a wall and manages to trigger a mechanism opening a secret door. Inside of it, they find a shrine that is replicated in the style of the original holy grounds in Karafuto. Willard believes there is a treasure, a counterpart of the Ark, and notices a small sphere as an eye and takes it out, believing that Yuliy will need it if they manage to get the Ark. Willard then tells the other Jaegers, they will be heading to Karafuto.

Klarwein introduces himself to Yuliy and Bishop, stating that this time he used vampires for his models. While Yuliy and Bishop fight them, Klarwein explains the vampires are suffering from a fatal disease they don't know from where it came. He has been using infected vampires to save them, but since Yevgraf found the Ark, he no longer cares about his research as he believes he will find cure with the Ark. As they fight, the tank shots causes an landslide and Klarwein and his research starts falling from the cliff. Klarwein can't believe his genius inventions would be lost in time due to something stupid like this.

Yevgraf's bodyguard informs him that the infected vampires had died and they didn't ashify. Tamara and Larissa comment that if they get infected, they don't want to die like humans with their bodies intact. Yevgraf wants to be alone and comments how long it has been since he ruled as immortal vampire and can't believe they may die like their livestock, the humans. But he refuses to accept it and will fight it even if he is the last remaining vampire.

Yuliy and Bishop reach the entrance of the Sirus holy ground and reach the bottom red lake. Yuliy enters it, but starts to get burned. He uses the Sirius power to fight it, but gets engulfed in the water. He sees memories of Alexei from Dogville and how Mamoru saved his sons lives from a bear. Mamoru later reveals that he is tasked with finding the Ark, but he is no longer sure he will do that. He tells Alexei that other nations are also looking for it and one day they will find this village. Alexei talks with Gustav, who explains that by the old laws, they need to kill Mamoru. Not wanting to kill each person that learn of the Ark, Alexei says he wants to seal the Ark. Gustav reveals that he need to take it to Karafuto and only someone with royal blood like Alexei can seal it. Gustav explains that it was said in the past they managed to undo the seal and bring the Ark here by releasing the king's soul, and comments that if he wants to seal it again, he doesn't know what will happen to him. After something, Alexei decides to go and seal the Ark for his children's sake.

Yuliy then meets his father, who tells him now that he knows what happened, he can go home. Yuliy refuses wanting to release him, but Alexei explains that the Ark being sealed keeps present and future peace. Alexei doesn't want Yuliy to be shackled by their old tradition and he to have to live his life protecting the Ark by staying close to it. Yuliy comments that when his mother died, she told him to live and he now understands it. She wanted he to live and complete what Alexei wanted to accomplish. He believes its wrong that someone needs to be sacrificed for the sake of someone else's happiness. Yuliy manages to convince Alexei, who then gives him the Ark and tells him he will be watching him with his mother. A beam of light is then released and Yevgraf realizes its finally happening.