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Father's Shadow is the ninth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Yuliy and Bishop meet an old man who knew Yuliy's father, Alexei, but he refuses to say anything further. In town, they run into Ryoko and Iba.


Yuliy fights against Larissa and Tamara and is about to kill Tamara, but seeing her child face, he hesitates and she manages to escape him. Bishop joins the fight and the vampires decides to leave. The old man then questions Yuliy if he is Sirius and he confirms stating his name is Yuliy Jirov. Hearing that the old man points his gun at him asking why Alexei's son had shown up.

The man explains that he used to look for the Ark and had met Alexei. He was spooked when he learned he was Sirius, but Alexei was really kind and even took him to his village. But one day he just disappeared with the Ark. He managed to track him to Karafuto, but recalls that Alexei saying that no one would be able to get the Ark. The man then refuses to continue talking and tells Yuliy and Bishop to leave. Bishop then wonders why they attacked the man and guesses their actual target was Yuliy as the girl vampires could have always killed the man.

Tamara and Larissa tell Yevgraf about Yuliy and how they played with him. Mikhail realizes his brother is also in Karafuto. Yevgraf then states he will be with them next time they meet him.

Back in town, Yuliy sees Ryouko and Iba. As they talk, Ryouko reveals she borded the wrong train and ended up in Karafuto, but the mistake seems worthy as she met Yuliy. They see a picture of Mamoru Asakasa, the one Japan had send looking for the Ark years ago, and Bishop confirms that's the man in the mountain, but he refused to tell them more about the Ark and Iba then suggests he goes with them. Iba explains that every country is secretly searching the Ark, but upon seeing it with his own eyes, he will decide if his country needs such thing or not, no matter what orders he has. Later Yuliy talks with Ryouko and wonders what dads are like and she has a hard time explaining it, commenting that her doesn't understand her, but always try to protect her in his way. Yuliy no longer remembers his father, but hearing about what a dad is, he comments his brother did all that for him and his mother.

Mikhail tries to sneak out to warn his brother to not get close to the Ark, but Yevgraf stops him. One of the vampires starts coughing blood and they realize he is infected. Yevgraf orders Tamara and Larissa to kill him, but not wanting to get dirty, Tamara tries to order him to kill himself, but he breaks free from her command and starts attacking vampires, but is eventually killed by Yevgraf's bodyguard.

Iba and the rest visit Mamoru, who tells them that he is there, because he can't acquire the Ark. Iba realizes he knows where the Ark is and wants him to tell him, so that he can see why its impossible that they can't get it and he will report back, which could lead to their release from the mission. Iba believes there is another reason, as he could have reported that himself. Mamoru refuses to say anything, as he promised Alexei. Yuliy tries asking him, but Mamoru tells him to return to his village. Yuliy then explains the village is gone and what happened 10 years ago. Since he is the only remaining Sirius, he wants to know what happened on his father and to protect the Ark from the vampires. Mamoru sees Alexei in Yuliy and explains that Alexei had sealed the Ark in the mountain, but as he tried to touch it, he heard his voice telling him to turn away and tell nobody. He gives them the location and an old picture of him and Alexei.

The Jaegers reach the secret village, Dogville, and while Willard and Philip will be getting something that ancient text mentions, Fallon and Dorothea decided to bury the corpses.

In the morning, Ryouko informs Iba that Yuliy and Bishop had left without them, but Iba comments he remembers the approximate location of the Ark and they will be heading after them. Getting closer to the marked place, Yuliy and Bishop notice something. In distance Klarwein leads artificial humans he made and comments that he found Yuliy.