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The Sanctuary of Sirius is the eighth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Alone, Yuliy heads to southern Karafuto/Sakhalin on the trail of the Ark of Sirius. His brother and the vampire prince Yevgraf are already there.


Mikhail and Klarwein heads towards Yevgraf and Mikhail recalls how he was turned into a vampire by Yevgraf. Upon meeting him, Klarwein is excited to see Yevgraf, but Yevgraf ignores him and only greets Mikhail, commenting his attitude haven't changed. They head down a cave, where Yevgraf states the Ark is located, but Yevgraf's bodyguard stops Klarwein. Heading down, they see symbols and Yevgraf explains they are ancient alphabet of Sirius civilization. Yevgraf knows that Mikhail had a few chances to kill the Jaegers and his brother, but as he didn't, he comments his brother must be really precious to him. He tells him that soon he will see why his father never returned from going out to hide the Ark. As they reach the end of the cave. Yevgraf comments that the place the Ark was created and also the place it can be sealed. But sealing it requires sacrifice and his father had sacrificed himself creating a barrier that would kill anyone trying to enter, but being Sirius and having his blood, Yevgraf believes Mikhail can do it.

Heading for Karafuto, Yuliy recalls his conversation with Willard, where Willard believes Yevgraf had found someone to decipher the rest of the ancient text and likely knows and had found were the Ark is right now. The Jaegers are preparing to leave Naoe's mansion and realizing where Yuliy went, Philip can't believe they are leaving him alone. As he keeps complaining, Willard tells him they will be obeying their order, but there is a place they need to visit first. Meanwhile, Yuliy arrives at Karafuto town and soon notices he is being followed. He goes somewhere to eat and a man approaches him, revealing himself to be also a Jaeger, Bishop.

Wanting to get the Ark and use it to kill Yevgraf, Mikhail enters the red lake, but his legs starts to burn. He continues wanting his father to let him get the Ark, but as Yevgraf sees he will only die, he wants Mikhail to return. Mikhail refuses and wants to continue, but Yevgraf stops him and forces him to start returning. In anger Mikhail jumps at Yevgraf, who stops him stating that they can't break the blood pact they had. Seeing Mikhail failing to get the Ark, Vegraf wonders if Yuliy will be able to.

Bishop tells Yuliy that the other Jaegers are dead and he can't believe they only send one Jaeger as reinforcement. Yuliy explains he wasn't sent and isn't there as Jeager, which makes Bishop realize Yuliy is there for the Ark. Bishop tells him that night he will be contacting someone who knows about the Ark and since they have common goal they team up with Yuliy. Meanwhile, Yevgraf comes out of the cave and Klarwein realizes they had failed. He tries convincing him in his research, but Yevgraf completely ignores him. Klarwein then promises to himself that he will prove his research worthwhile to him and give the vampires a future.

Naoe receives a message from Ryouko, that explains she is going to London as there are things she needs to learn. Naoe comments that you must allow your child their journey, but decides to also go with her in London.

Heading in the mountain, Yuliy tells Bishop that he has the same smell as vampires. Bishop explains that the more time you spend with them, the more you smell like them. He expected to "pay" for killing so many, but didn't expect to pay all at once, referring to his dead comrades, as he had spend more time with them that with his actual family. Getting closer to the old man's house, they hear gunshots and rush out. The man is attacked by vampires, but Bishop and Yuliy come in time. Yuliy then faces Tamara and Larissa, who realize he is Mikhail's younger brother and tease him for being the last Sirius alive and for his dead mother and people.