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True Confession is the seventh episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


The military interrupts the vampire assault on the mansion and helps the Jaegers defeat them. Mikhail and then Kershner tell Yuliy about the Ark and how it relates to his past.


Kershner is about to attack Yuliy, but stops as he hears shots. Outside, the military led by Hideomi Iba and Willard engage the vampires. Kershner then leaves Yuliy to Mikhail, ordering him to kill Yuliy, and heads out. Mikhail tells Yuliy he is too soft and by the time he kills all vampires, they would already have what they seek. He explains that the Ark wasn't in the village 10 years ago as their father had already left with it. Before disapearing, he tells Yuliy that he is the last Sirius and make use of his powers.

Willard sees Kershner on the roof and goes and faces him there, but easily looses. Kershner comments its been 10 years since they had last seen each other. As Yuliy appears and says his brother left when Kershner asks, Kershner comments that he chose family rather than than loyalty to his kind (Vampires). Kershner then wonders how Willard tamed Yuliy after what he had done to him. Yuliy has no idea what he talks about, which makes Kershner laughs as he realizes he doesn't know. Kershner then tells him that years ago they got an ancient text that speaks of Ark of Sirius and the location of Dogsville , but as they couldn't decipher it, so they turned to a archeologist who was also looking for the Ark and thanks to him they managed to find Dogsville. As Willard confirms that is true when Yuliy doubts the Vamire's information, Yuliy is overwhelmed and activates his Sirius power and attacks Kershner. He manages to disarm Yuliy and stabs his shoulder, but Yuliy breaks his sword and pierce Kershner with it, killing him.

Yuliy turns to Willard, who accepts being killed by him, but as Yuliy jumps on him he stops his attack, asking him why didn't he tell him. Willard explains it was because of his ego and he believed that saving a young wolf would serve as his atonement. But as he led Yuliy into a path of revenge, he ended up using him as tool for his revenge. Yuliy tells him that even though he was blinded by Sirius blood, he still stopped his hand as Willard was like a father to him for the last 10 years. He starts asking Willard questions and wants him to tell him everything about the Ark.

Iba was been "chewed-out" for last night, but as there are no corpses to be found, the police can't do anything. Mochizuki tells him that someone else has summoned him. Renji, Ryouko's instructor, returns to the mansion to find it destroyed, but Ryouko tells him that Naoe is fine and just feeling not well to get out of bed. The Jaegers tell them that they V Shipping Company will pay for the house repairs.

Willard tells Yuliy about the ark, that he it was being also called the ark of miracles and within it lies all kinds of knowledge and technologies, and for humanity, that is like wisdom in physical form. Remembering his brother's words, Yuliy decides to look for the Ark, but Willard explains it may be too late, as Kershner was just a pawn and the one who is truly after the Ark is Yevgraf, who is likely close on finding the Ark.

Tamara and Larissa inform Yevgraf that Kershner is dead and that Mikhail and Klarwein will be joining them.

Willard goes to the bar to contact HQ and then hears someone entering. He sees Iba there, who tells him that the bar owner had helped him and he came to drink on his name. He wonders if Willard will be going after the vampires or the Ark. Iba explains how he was called by higher ups in the military and explained about the Ark's existance. They told him as the last war is over, they can again start their search on the Ark and to contact Willard from V Shipping. Willard tells Iba that the vampires are after the Ark too and after he contacted their HQ about completing his mission in Japan, he was told Yevgraf was seen in Karafuto.

Willard informs the Jaegers their orders are to return to London, while another team will be heading to Karafuto.

Later Yuliy leaves the Jaegers and heads to Karafuto, commenting that he found what he needs to do.