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Mokingbird's Song is the sixth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


"Ark of Sirius" - a mysterious word Mikhail left. Yuliy is also confused as Willard hints that revenge is not the only path for him if the arc can be used. However, vampires were already on the move. Jaegers are forced to fight back as they reach Naoe family house. During deadly battle, Yuliy's feeling waiver as he recalls earlier conversation with Philip. "Perhaps there is a way to live together with Mikhail" - as that thought crosses Yuliy's mind, Kershner is just a breath away.


The news of Naotora Momose death and end of Hyakko Party spreads. Klarwein complains to Mikhail for killing his work, stating there could have been other ways, but Mikhail explains he just put him out of his misery. Kershner comes and gives news from Yevgraf that the Ark is not in the city and they need to return to him, but Klarwein still wants to continue his research, stating he has enough data already. Kershner state they have more important work and that is the extermination of the Jaegers in the city.

The rest of the Jeagers learn about Yuliy's brother. Yuliy tells Willard what his brother had told him, but states since he was young, he was not told about the Ark, unlike his brother. Willard tells Yuliy he can quit being a Jaeger as while he though him how to get revenge, he didn't mean this to be his way of living. He then mentions what Mikhail had said and guesses the Ark may turn a vampire back to human.

Naoe scolds Ryouko for leaving without permission and learning she was on the train, he forbids her to use a sword again and tells her to focus on her studies as she will be head of the house one day. Ryouko can't accept this, stating that there are things you can't learn by simply studying and that she needs to experience the world, but as her father again refuses, she disagrees again and leaves angry.

Major General Kakizaki took all responsibility for the Fuji incident and took his life. Mochizuki and Iba discuss the situation and comment that Alma's management is still missing and they are ordered to continue looking for them.

Dorothea speaks with Ryouko and explains she joined the Jaegers after she saw a vampire and though they can't be left alone. Ryouko agrees to that and admires Dorothea as she had seen the world, and Dorothea asks her if she can teach her swordsmanship. Iba tricks Jirou and asks him to tell him everything he knows. He then returns to his bar and tries to call Willard, but gets attacked by vampires. Willard goes to his bar, where dying Jirou gives him a note and warns him that the vampires will attack them. Two vampires then attack, but Willard manages to kill them. Willard then calls Dorothea and informs them of the upcoming attack. The Jaegers then start preparing for it and Yuliy asks Ryouko to convince her father and the staff to go hide somewhere.

Yuliy wonders of Philip wants to kill him, as one of his race killed his family. Philip wonders about it as thinking about it now, it didn't matter if the man was a Sirius. He has urge to kill Sirius, but like Saki said, Yuliy wasn't at fault. For the same reason, while Yuliy wants to get revenge on the vampires, he doesn't want to get revenge on his brother who is also a vampire now.

The vampires attack with Fallon and Dorothea hold their ground at the dojo, while Philip and Yuliy fight in the house. Ryouko tells he father if times come, she will buy them time to get away, but her father tells her he will go instead of her as he doesn't want his daughter to protect him while he runs. Kershner appears in front of Yuliy and Philip, and Mikhail comes in from the window and captures Philip. Kershner engages Yuliy, who manages to slip from him and attacks Mikhail making him release Philip.