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The Frankenstein is the fifth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Yuliy finally meets Mikhail, a brother whom he thought was dead. As Mikhail is now a vampire, he becomes speechless to their bloody fate. Meanwhile, Hyakko party attacks the same train in retaiiation against Alma Trading Company who cut them off financially. Jaegers, Iba and Ryoko rises. Yuliy also runs up the train as to shake off Mikhail's words but his path is blocked by artificial humanoid weapon created by Klarwein.


Mikhail approaches Yuliy on the train. Mikhail notes that Yuliy has grown up quite a bit. Yuliy is in shock to see his brother alive and a vampire after all these years. Yuliy asks Mikhail why he didn't say anything when he saw him on the roof. Mikhail explains that as a vampire, his orders are to kill any Jaeger on sight. Mikhail tells Yuliy that the Vampires do not trust him completely. He even tells Yuliy that when he shot him before, he was ordered to kill him, but he missed on purpose not wanting to kill his brother. Mikhail questions Yuliy on why he chose to become a Jaeger. Yuliy tells him that it is to get revenge for their tribe and late mother. Mikhail tells Yuliy he's too soft to be seek vengeance. He also tells him that if the next time he sees Yuliy, that if he is standing there as a Jaeger, they will no longer be brothers but enemies.

Dorothea sees Ryouko on the train and questions her presence, teasing her a little about her crush on Yuliy.

Iba talks to Major Kakizaki about Alma Trading Company and how the weapon is on the train. Kakizaki says it can not be brought into the city and they have to do something about it.

Hyakko party hijack the train and the military personal on the train attempt to stop them. Kershner and Mikhail flee the train leaving the mess up to Klarwein.

The Hyakko party come across the creation of Klarwein. They believe it is following their movements, whilst it is Klarwein tricking them into believing so.

Passengers flee the train to get away from the attackers, but Ryouko decides to stay. Dorothea runs to find Yuliy. Yuliy helps a young girl off the train.

Phillip, Fallon, and Willard see something is going on with a train and Willard decides they go after it.

The artificial humanoid weapon kills the leader of the Hyakko party, making rest of the members fleeing in fear.

While following the train, Philip sees Dorothea through the windows. Willard tells Philip and Fallon to join Dorothea's group and help stop the train. When they find her, Philip tosses her a gun and they finish off a couple of vampires who attacked them. Fallon detaches the rest of the carts from the train. Last second, Ryouko jumps on nearly loosing balance but being saved by Philip and Dorothea. Yuliy zooms past them on his way to stop the weapon.

Yuliy finds the weapon and starts attacking it in hopes of taking it down.

Jaegers bump into Iba and the military personal. The Vampire who wasn't fully dead attempts to attack Kakizaki, but was stopped by Ryouko grabbing a sword and slicing his neck. The Vampire falls to the ground and disintegrates.

Klarwein continues using the machine to attack Yuliy, hoping to take down a Jaeger. The machine goes berserk and is no longer being controlled, but is rather controlling itself. Mikhail shows up and also starts attacking the machine. Mikhail slices it's arm off and leads it on top of the train. Slicing it's second arm off and sticks granates into his mouth, the humanoid collapses into the front of the train and explodes, causing the train to derail and stop.

Mikhail asks Yuliy to promise him, that if he also spirals out of control like that humanoid, that Yuliy would kill him. Mikhail shares more information about The Arc of Sirius before disappearing after another explosion.