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Beginning of Trickery is the fourth episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


There will be a military exercise in Shizuoka by Alma trading company to test out the new weapon. With that information, Yuliy and Dorothea get on the train. Official reason is to hunt down the vampires but secretly hoping to see his brother again. Yuliy smells blood and


A messenger of Kershner tells Naotora, the leader of Hyakko Party, that they have become too reckless and police will learn everything about them soon, so they are stopping their funding. Hearing that Naotora gets angry and kills the man and tells his men they are going monster hunting.

The Jaegers are investigating the Hyakko Party and they realize they no longer attack doctors, so they must have what they wanted. Ryouko comes and invites them for dinner tonight and the Jaegers accept.

Willard goes to Alma Trading Company, where he talks with the president for a bit. As he was leaving, Iba waits for him and they talk in the elevator, with Iba mentioning that he heard Kisuke Hanada was killed. Outside, Iba meets Major General Kakizaki, who guesses something serious is happening if they had called Iba. Kakizaki tells him that they are being assisted into developing a new weapon that will be of great use when a war comes and it won't require them to send their men to death like before. Iba guesses the assistance is from Alma Company and Kakizaki confirms.

The Jaegers receive news that the police stormed the hideout of Hyakko Party, but there was no trace of them. Willard guesses they had gathered the materials they need and the vampires no longer needed Hyakko Party's help. They decide some of them to go to Shizuoka for the new weapon exercise and others to keep track on the Hyakko Party.

At dinner with Naoe, Philip is not used using chopsticks and eating sushi. Willard comments that Yuliy and Dorothea will be going to Gotemba, in Shizuoka and Ryouko gets flustered that Dorothea is hugging Yuliy and will be going with him. In the meantime, Kershner demonstrates their new "weapon" to Kakizaki.

Yuliy and Dorothea board the train towards Gotemba with Ryouko following them. Yuliy says that he couldn't wait anymore and believes going there he may get to kill vampires, but also secretly hoping to meet his brother again.

The Hyakko Party attacks Alma Company and kills everyone and Naotora learns that Kershner is in Gotemba testing a new weapon. Willard learns that Hyakko Party was indeed getting funded by Alma Company and explains to the bartender that there are two type of vampires: Royals and Slaves. The Royal as strong even without transforming and can easily blend with people, while the slaves need to use special lenses or they will die from the sunlight.

Iba who was also heading to Gotemba, receives news of a whole battalion being killed last night in Fuji and that Kakizaki and the weapon were being transported back by train. He then notices military on the next train and goes there. Yuliy also smells blood and they also switch trains.

On the train, while Iba goes to meet Kakizaki and Dorothea goes to look for vampires, Mikhail goes to meet Yuliy.