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Indelible Memories is the third episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


After the incident with Dr. Hanada and Saki, Yuliy begins to remember the days he spent in his home village; Dog-Ville. He lived with his family peacefully, however, vampires attack the village to obtain the Arc of Sirius. With his mother murdered, Yuliy runs away with his brother in desparation. He survives at the cost of his brother's sacrifice. And now, he is torn by the fact his brother, Mikhail has turned into a vampire. Can he really point his fang against him?


A Takehito tells Iba about Dr. Kisuke Hanada and how people from V Shipping Company were present. He asks if they're responsible, and Iba answers that while they are definitely involved, the Alma Trading Company is also suspicious.

In class, Ryouko Naoe remembers what she saw and wonders what was happening. At break, two girls come up and say that she seems to be in love. She becomes embarrassed and they feel validated.

As Yuliy sits in his room, Philip comes in. He says that Saki's relatives is going to look after her and that she'll be alright. Yuliy is unsure and Philip tries to reassure him. When he looks at him, Yuliy says that he's not acting like himself. Philip becomes flustered and storms out. Yuliy thiking about family, recalls a moment from the past.

As a child, Yuliy is about to kill a deer, but he sneezes and the deer notices him and runs. Mikhail shoots it with an arrow and takes it down. The brothers walk back together with Mikhail dragging it on a sled. He playfully teases him and offers to say that Yuliy killed it, but then says he was kidding when Yuliy agrees.

The villagers celebrate their kill and plan to party at Gustav's house. When their mother asked who killed it, Mikhail says that Yuliy did. He becomes flustered but admits his brother killed it.

That night, they have a party in the hall as Yuliy sleeps. Gustav says that, with the Ark of Sirius they were tasked to protect no longer there, their fate is to perish in time. Yuliy asks how they lost it, but his mother says it just isn't there anymore. Gustav says that one day they may have to send the two kids to protect the ark and at least that way they will leave Dogville. As Yuliy promises to protect everyone, he sneezes and makes everyone laugh. His mom says she has a present for him later.

Dorothea comes in and asks about his wounds and tells him to tell her if he needs anything. Fallon then enters and invites Yuliy to go out and eat, but Yuliy declines. Seeing Fallon leaves, Willard comes and asks Yuliy if they want to eat, which makes Yuliy laugh as he realizes they are trying to cheer him up. Speaking with Willard of Agatha mentioning the Ark, Yuliy believes the vampires came to Japan looking for it. He recalls when his village was attacked by vampires and as he went downstairs, he sees Mikhail over his injured mom and a vampire pinned to the wall. His mother tells Mikhail to take Yuliy and leave, and then gives the scarf she was making for Yuliy, telling him to live before dying. Yuliy tells Willard that if he was drown here by the ark, so is his brother and tells Willard he met his brother at the doctor's house. Yuliy tells how while they were running from the village, vampires attacked them and Mikhail fought them and while he got severely injured, he pushed Yuliy away. Willard comments that likely Yuliy made a contract with a vampire. Yuliy says that while his brother is a vampire, he was overjoyed seeing him again and now wonders if he can kill his brother.

Yuliy goes out for a walk, he recalls while he was running, a vampire caught him and ripped the scarf his mother gave him. In that moment in anger, he activated his Sirius power and killed the vampire. Ryouko then approaches Yuliy, who tells her to stay away and shows his eyes, asking her if she isn't afraid. As she tells him, she is not, Yuliy calms down. Ryouko tells him that while he was injured, she went to see him and Yuliy knew she saw it all and tells her then she knows its better to stay away from him.

As a bar, Willard recalls how he saved Yuliy and told him that if his family wants him dead, then he can die, but he doubt they want him to die, and that he can teach him to continue living.