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Deprived Talent is the second episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Scientist named Hanada rescues wounded Yuliy. He is to take a rest at Hanada’s manor until he recovers. Yuliy finds temporal peace as he spends time with Hanada’s daughter, Saki. However, it does not last long. A herd of vampire storms into the manor. They are after Hanada’s artificial heart. As vampire cold-heartedly tear away the family bond, jaegers rise.


Yuliy wakes up in a doctor's home. The doctor Kisuke Hanada, explains that he found him and given his situation, he had to report it to the police. Hearing Yuliy is foreigner, his daughter Saki Hanada starts asking him about his hair and eyes, but Kisuke tells her that's too many questions. The rest of the Jaegers then arrive and Saki is suspicious of them, watching them from a distance. Willard scolds Yuliy for not listening, but Yuliy explains he couldn't resist the animal blood in him. Willard tells him that the animal blood in him is of great aid, but he must not allow himself to be drown on it. Willard tells him that Kisuke is allowing Yuliy to stay until he is healed and that Philip will stay with him.

Saki coudln't sleep and goes to Yuliy, who also had trouble sleeping. Hearing that her mother is dead, Yuliy decides to read her something until she falls asleep. Meanwhile, Hyakko Party had attacked and killed some people. Mochizuki and Iba are investigating and Iba comments Hyakko Party is terrorists and they must be backed by someone. Iba believes its foreign intelligence agency, but its not sure if its V Shipping Company. Willard visits a local bar, who has tie-ins with them and sees Jirou has some information for him.

Ryouko learns that Yuliy got injured and head to her father and Willard, but he assures her he is out of danger. Ryouko remains worried and can't focus on her kendo practice. She challenges her teacher that if she wins, he will tell her where Yuliy is staying and Renji couldn't turn her down.

Kershner mocks Agatha for the condition she is at the moment and wants her to show her resolve. Meanwhile, Philip goes to call Kisuke for dinner, but notices his door open and sees on what he is working. He reports to Willard that Kisuke is working on artificial heart.

On the next day, Yuliy helps out Saki with her tomato garden, but Philip tells them to shut up. Saki asks Philip if he hates Yuliy and Philip explains that Yuliy had a buddy that did bad stuff to his parents and that makes him annoyed by Yuliy. Since Yuliy haven't done anything bad, Saki tells Philip that he can't be friends with Yuliy. Saki then sees Philip's violin and he agrees to play a song for her, but before he starts, her father Kisuke comes out and tell her he is done, making Saki happy. Kisuke's maid informs Agatha of Kisuke's success, after which she gets killed by Agatha.

Willard and Dorothea find similar cases of killed researches that tried to replace blood or create artificial organs. Fallon informs Willard that the car the vampires drove was registered to Kisuke's, who reported it missing after his assistant disappeared.

Kisuke's house gets attacked by vampires, while Yuliy and Philip fight them, Agatha manages to sneak past them and bite Kisuke. Yuliy then engages her and they go out to fight. Kisuke turns into vampire and attempts to bite Saki. Yuliy manages to break Agatha's new blade leg, pierce her with his weapon and kick her blade at Kisuke's neck, killing him and stopping him from biting Saki. Agatha is annoyed that she is defeated by a Sirius and before she dies, he tells him he is too late. The doctor's lab then explodes and Yuliy goes on the roof of the house to see where the enemy is heading. There he gets attacked by Mikhail, his own brother.