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The Revenant Howls in Darkness is the first episode of Sirius the Jaeger.


Full moon shines through the quiet night of Shanghai. A young man walks alone, as if weaving the light. Reunited and forming a pack, they head out for a suspicious-looking mansion. In there, a banquet is held by vampires. They call themselves the “Jaegers” who breaks in and hunt vampires down. As the Jaegers head out to Japan, they use V shipping company as their alias in order to spy on the vampires in secret. Just as they arrive, atrocious crimes begin to happen. When all the dots are connected to form one line, Sirius bares its fang.


A man gives speech in big ball room, talking how the world will change and it will change to fit them. As he rises his glass for cheers, the men in the room drop their glasses and bite the necks of the women and start drinking their blood. The man, Kershner, is then informed by Agatha that the Jaegers have learned about their presence, but Lord Yevgraf had told them to not shed pointless blood as they have other more important task.

The Jaegers get closer to mansion with Kershner, but as Yuliy smells blood, he rushes ahead and breaks into the ball room and starts killing the vampires. The other Jaegers follow him and as they kill all the vampires in the room, they realize Kershner wasn't there.

Following Kershner, the Jaegers heads to Japan. They visit and stay in Naoe's mansion as he feels indebted to them for their assistance from before. Ryouko Naoe notices Yuliy is smelling the flowers and tells him that they have big variety of imported flowers and fertilizers, but he explains that they are giving the flowers too much water and fertilizers, which makes the flowers rot from the roots. Naoe tell Willard about the current situation and about Hyakko Party, an anti-government organization who state that wants to save the poor and bring the samurai spirit, but in reality are just robbers that target the wealthy. He then tells him about Kuratake, a death row escapee that had murdered several people after his escape. Willard believes having two gruesome crimes to not be a coincidence. Willard then goes to tell the Jaegers to rest for today as there will work hard tomorrow.

Hideomi Iba reports to his commanding officer and states he doesn't believe Hyakko Party is connected to Kuratake's jailbreak. Iba is informed about Home Affairs granting permission to act to a group of foreigners. He believes the military should act too and asks Iba when they can start, but IBa explains they have started already. Kuratake is then revealed to be rescued by Agatha, who informs him they have big plans for him.

Willards speaks with the local police chief and look at the Kuratake reports. He comments that before his sentence, he was only targeting your men, but after his escape he kills both genders, and he doesn't believe that's just because he is on the run now. They receive news of a new murder in Akasaka and both the police and the Jaegers head out. Philip tells Willard that it would be hard for Kuratake to escape alone. He also found some reports of "flying people", but they were labelled as "drunken hallucinations". Willard believes the police won't be able to capture Kuratake, as its their "prey" that is killing the people and blaming Kuratake, who may no longer even be alive.

Yuliy waits in a small alley, when Agatha passes him. He tells her the police only look out for a face they know and won't suspect a woman, but he can smell she is a vampire. Agatha then realizes he is Jaeger and starts fighting and manages to escape with a car. She manages to slip out, but Yuliy manages to get on top of her car and kill the driver, flipping the car. As they fight, Agatha realizes Yuliy is Sirius, who after using his power manages to cut her arm and leg. As she start floating, Yuliy realizes she is a Royal and jumps at her. As he was about to kill her, a man using a sniper, shoots him in the shoulder.

Yevgraf gets informed that Jaegers are in Japan and that Agatha is seriously injured.