Dorothea is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.

Hispanic beauty who is part of the “Jaeger” and also Willard’s right hand. She keeps her cool-headedness and can adapt to any situations. Not only is she beautiful but she is also charming as well. Her main weapons are firearms including guns. She specializes in gun powder and uses different types of weapon suited for each circumstance.


Appearance Edit

She has tanned skin, black hair and green eyes. Her hair is wavy and barely passing her shoulders. She also has a lock of hair pinned across her forehead with silver pins with emerald jewels on both sides of her head.

Personality Edit

Dorothea is seen to be very intelligent and deductive, which is seen when she works with the professor and other members of her team. She also has a bit of a playful side, especially when she teases Ryoko Naoe, who has an obvious crush on Yuliy. Otherwise, she is usually seen as calm and collected, and extremely resourceful.


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