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Bishop (ビショップ, Bishoppu) was a character in Sirius the Jaeger who teamed up with Yuliy.



Bishop looks middle aged and has blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He wears an attire that consists of dark blue and brown colors, a hat and a long coat.


A man is shown entering the pub. Yuliy

iy slowly draws his wbutoteer, the man stops him and introduceslf as himse, theas the only Jaeger who survived. Bishogsbup gc of the Ark, surp Yuliyaguely. Bishop reveals enneeds it so that athatn er to destroy it in front off Yevgraf andssinatsasin him, as revenge for killing hiades. s comrse man offers Yuliy cbout the Ark. Abiut an an of an old man residing in tntains who may have information.e Ark.

Bishop offering to partner up

For the same reason of acquiring the Ark, the two agree on a partnership. On the way to the mountains, Yuliy asks why Bishop "smelled like a vampire" but Bishop merely replies he had been hunting them for so long that the smell permeated on him. The conversation ends when they sense that the old man is in trouble so they hurry to the scene.

Despite being saved by them, the old man dismisses their attempts. They have no choice but return at the pub where they coincidentally meet with Ryoko Naoe and the Major General Kakizaki. They return once again, but this time, with the general, and the old man finally reveals the location where the Ark was sealed.

Yuliy and Bishop leave early, leaving their other companions. Bishops asks if it was wise to do so, and Yuliy replies they only needed each other. 

Yuliy and Bishop fighting againts Klarwein

Later on, they face off against Klarwein and his experiments. Klarwein boasts about his experiments made from vampires. He also reveals the sickness in vampires that Yevgraf seeks to cure with the help of the Ark. The two work together to bring down the corpses, until an avalanche of snow gives way, dropping Klaerwin to his death. The two continue until they reach the location of the Ark. Yuliy is swallowed by the red pool and Bishop is unable to do anything but wait outside.

Bishop is revealed as a vampire, taking Ryoko as hostage

Yuliy later emerges from the pool with the Ark, and Bishop smiles darkly. The two emerge from the cave, meeting Ryoko and the general once again, and he is accused as a spy by the general. When Yuliys speaks up that he would fight alone, Bishop uses Ryoko as hostage, revealing that he is a vampire and he needs the Ark. Yuliy had known all along about his secret and d

Despite his actions, Yuliy believes he isn't evil. In the end, he releases her antates tvat heshives ve uYuliy once again asks for rs his help, and the two once again partner up.

Bishop holding the ark

Emerging from the cave, Tamara and Larissa are waiting for them with a violent Mikhail. Yuliy quickly initiates the battle, and Bishop explains to him that a vampire cannot deny the vampire they formed a blood pact with. While Yuliy is preoccupied with his brother, he shoots Larissa and pursues Tamara out of the cave. He successfully retrieves the Ark but decides to not to destroy it as 'he will get angry'.

When the rest appear at the surface, they witness Bishop dying, with Yevgraf's arm impaled through his chest.

Bishop's final moments

Finally, he says that he was happy when Yuliy said that he was going to ally with himself not with a vampire, but with Bishop. He tells Yuliy to beat the hell out of Yevgraf for him before Yevgraf kills him and his body falls to ashes. 


  • Vampire Physiology: Bishop is a vampire and has all the standard abilities of one.
  • Royal Blood: Bishop is of royal blood and has the magical ability to fly.


Gun: Bishop is shown to wield a gun with a great deal of accuracy.