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Agatha is a character in Sirius the Jaeger.

Royal Female vampire, who came to Japan via Shanghai. She is beautiful and graceful in the public but act and speaks rough when showing her true-self. She uses her own claws as a weapon. During combat, she grows them like knives and slaughter humans.



Agatha is appears as a beautiful young woman dressing up appropriately in her disguise. She is missing her arm and leg which she lost during her first fight with Yuliy, which have been replaced with artificial limbs. Later on, with the drastic change of her limbs, she will be wearing an attire that consists of a cape and buckles.


She displays a strong hatred towards the Jaegers. she is also a very vengeful and prideful person.


Agatha was a royal vampire who had been murdering young men to preserve her youth for 140 years. She actively takes part in the missions, unlike the other royal vampires.

Agatha informs Kershner that the Jaegers have learned about their presence, and they head out for Japan.

In Japan, they help Kuratake Gouichirou escape prison and Agatha informs him they have big plans for him. She later kills some men and the police thinks its Kuratake's doing. Some policemen question her if she had see Kuratake, but she denies it and leaves the area. But Yuliy waits in a small alley, and when Agatha passes him, he tells her the police only look out for a face they know and won't suspect a woman, but he can smell she is a vampire. Agatha then realizes he is Jaeger and starts fighting and manages to escape with a car. She manages to slip out, but Yuliy manages to get on top of her car and kill the driver, flipping the car. As they fight, Agatha realizes Yuliy is Sirius, who after using his power manages to cut her arm and leg. As she start floating, Yuliy realizes she is a Royal and jumps at her. As he was about to kill her, a man using a sniper, shoots him in the shoulder, saving Agatha and letting her escape.


Powers and abilities[]

Vampire Physiology: Born as a royal vampire, Agatha developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities.

Superhuman Strength: Agatha has shown to have superhuman strength by jumping high from a bridge only with her right leg.

Superhuman Agility: Agatha has shown to have superhuman agility by dodging Yuliy's attacks even with a prosthesis.

Superhuman Endurance: Agatha has proven that she has a superhuman endurance by fighting Yuliy for a long time without showing any signs of efforts.

Vampire Transformation: Agatha has the ability to change other peoples to vampire.

Flight: Being of royal blood, Agatha has the magical ability to float in the air.

Long Nails: Agatha has shown that she has long and edgy nails uses to stab or scratch her opponents and are hard to dodge.


Prosthesis: Since she lost her left leg and right arm, Agatha has added a prosthesis to her right arm that can scratch and a prosthesis to her left leg that is a dual blade.




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